Sunday, October 2, 2011


We drove out to Seabrook this weekend with the Leonards. The weather was surprisingly nice for October. It was dry and sunny and warm within reason. You kind of know what you are going to get when you head to the Washington coast; rain, clouds, fog, wind, and gorgeous scenery. So when the weather is nice, it is just an unexpected bonus.

This is one of the trails to the beach. The main trail is down a staircase, this one is through a forest.

Filled with "fairy houses"

Being Washingtonians, any day is a good beach day to the kids.

One of the things we really like about Seabrook, is the architecture. Rather than the standard nod to traditional building, where you get glued on "craftsman" details in a modern sprawling subdivision, the Seabrook homes are built with a real attention to architectural detail and elements in a new urbanist neighborhood.

We're now officially ready for fall.


  1. That was fun. Thanks for going with us.

  2. Which way was the beach? I couldn't tell from the sign.